Some say clothes make the man. At W.R.K we take a different view. We believe a man is not defined by his clothing. We believe he is made by his integrity, by his passions, by the manner in which he lives his life. Who he is defines his choice of wardrobe, not the other way around. Life makes the man. W.R.K makes clothes for life. 


W.R.K is a New York City based menswear collection founded in 2011 by designer Matteo Gottardi. Born from his belief that clothing is one of the most valuable tools an individual has when approaching every-day life, the garments reflect his philosophy of purposeful design which bridges functionality with aesthetics where neither aspect is compromised but rather both work together. Through his clothing, Gottardi explores elements of traditional work wear and tailored detailing in an almost scientific way - resulting in constructed garments that combine the purest elements of form and function with innovative design details. An acronym for Work. Rest. Karma, W.R.K is available at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and other fine retailers nationwide.

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